ART Tube MP Microphone Preamp

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ART Tube MP Microphone Preamp

Single-Channel Tube Microphone/Instrument Preamplifier
Great Tube Warmth from a Portable, Affordable Preamp!

Need a small, portable, quality and unbelievably inexpensive pre-amp? Look no further than ART for the amazing Tube MP! This compact, single-channel tube pre comes in very handy, adding just the touch of warmth you've been looking for to your digital recordings. 

ART Tube MP Preamp at a Glance:

  • Versatile mic preamp also great for acoustic or piezo pickups and DI use
  • Smooth tube sound quality plus over 70dB of gain
  • Outstanding signal quality and low noise

Use with microphones, acoustic guitar pickups and piezos
The Tube MP was originally designed to provide smooth, warm character to microphones. But users have also found that the Tube MP works great on acoustic guitars and piezo pickups. You can run it into a console, amplifier, signal processor or recorder. The Tube MP can even work as a direct box!

Smooth tube sound quality plus over 70dB of gain
The Tube MP features a classic 12AX7 tube to deliver that warm, fat sound reminiscent of tube pres of the past. Plus, the Tube MP can give you plenty of output, with up to 70dB of gain. 48-volt phantom power is built in, and individual input and output gain controls allow you to dial in the perfect settings for your mic or pickup.

Outstanding signal quality and low noise
Using a transformerless design throughout, the Tube MP maintains exceptional signal integrity and extremely low noise. With XLR and 1/4" inputs, a phase reverse switch, and a sturdy steel case, the Tube MP is a great choice for both studio and location work!

ART Tube MP Preamplifier Features:

  • Superior preamp for microphones, instruments and line level sources
  • Hand selected 12AX7 vacuum tubes
  • Provides over 70dB of gain
  • Smooth, warm and fat sound quality
  • Variable input and output gain controls
  • Excellent as a tube DI
  • XLR and 1/4" inputs and outputs
  • 48 volts phantom power
  • Phase reversal switch
  • Superior sonic performance to many onboard preamps
  • Includes AC power supply

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ART Pro Audio


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    Posted by Dave Chapman on 8th Sep 2015

    I did lots of research prior to making a decision . I required some power for a shure SM57 for recording from a guitar amp to sound card .The ART stood out amongst all the pre amps I looked at. online . So I bought it .It is very well made nice and solid and does the job perfectly . I would highly recommend this product for sound quality and price.