Buzz Audio ARC-1.1 Analog Recording Channel

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Buzz Audio are known the world over for designing and manufacturing some of the most lush and boutique pro audio recording equipment avaliable. We haven't recorded an acoustic guitar without a Buzz Audio preamp in over 5 years, for us there's no point using anything else.

You can see many video's on You Tube here all are recorded using a Buzz Audio Elixir 500 series.

Buy Buzz Audio and support a NZ company!

Please note there is a lead time of 48hrs on all Buzz Audio items.

From Buzz:

The ARC1.1 is a outboard channel strip combining a mic/line preamp, equaliser, compressor and limiter in one box. It has primarily been designed for recording and processing the human voice and sports a host of features that have been inspired by suggestions from audio professionals from around the globe. The ARC includes tried and trusted elements from other Buzz Audio products plus some new innovations specifically developed for this unit. Whilst aimed at vocal recording and processing, the ARC is a useful tool for all sorts of recording and mixing applications. With all the connection and routing options available, the ARC may be used as a seperate Mic Preamp, DI Box, Equaliser and Compressor/Limiter (optionally with sidechain EQ), all at the same time.

From Buzz Audio:


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