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Empirical Labs - EL7 Fatso

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NEW model! This two-channel, Full Analog Tape Simulator/Optimizer, fattens up any audio signal, is great for tracking,
mixing, mastering or enhancing playback. w/ Classic Knee Compression.
New X-version incorporates 1176 emulation.

How many times have we heard ourselves, other engineers, and even musicians say “I like the sound of tape, it’s sooooo musical”? We hear it in recording schools, we read about it on forums, we think about it in our spare time; but seriously, who among us who isn’t on the wrong side of 40 has really experienced tape? …or enjoys the inconvenience of tape machines alignment?

Enter the FATSO “EL7” (Full Analog Tape Simulator & Optimizer), which can help eliminate the pining for the forgotten days of great big clunky analog tape machines (and ALL of their associated headaches!!). No longer did the production team have to decide between Scotch 250 or Ampex 456; no longer does the mix engineer have to decide between BASF 911 or Zonal 999 for final mixdown. No longer would engineers argue the merits of an Ampex ATR-102 vs a Studer A-80-RC because the FATSO can give you the positive attributes of ALL of these things, in an adjustable and repeatable manner, without having to stress over sticking with an initial decision!!

The FATSO can give you the same “harmonic generation” and “soft clipping” you hear when using tape or “classic” tube based devices. The FATSO can give you the “high frequency saturation” you could find by driving tape a bit harder than the design engineers had hoped you would (especially true of Ampex 456!!). The FATSO can give you the sweet high end and intimate harmonic overtones of transformers; the analog anomalies that are associated with the “classic” equipment of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, all without constant calibration or the “stop and wait” rewind time “vibe breaker”.

The FATSO has 4 meticulously tweaked compression modes. There is the “BUSS”setting that gives gentle transient saturation that is synonymous with tape, and settings reminiscent of the SSL® “Quad Compressor”. “SPANK” gives you the subtle knee followed by the hard limiting many of us grew to love on SSL® “E Series” consoles. The new “ELEVEN” setting gives you the wonderfully unique texture of a vintage 1176 LN run at 20:1 set to its slowest attack (which is still quite fast!) and rather quick release that nets the full force and unique impact of the transients of a sound (think snare drum) with radically limited dynamic range throughout the rest of the signal. Then there is the TRACK-ing compresso,r which is closest to the classic Empirical Labs EL8 “Distressor” sound, and even easier to use.

Additionally, there are seven (7) different “warmth” settings which help emulate different tape formulations and machine anomalies, along with the greatest button ever installed on any unit ever built: the “TRANNY” button which gives you the final “over the top” harmonic content, compelling low frequency focus, while adding breath and urgency to any sound it meets.

With the choice of XLR or ¼” inputs along with the ability to link several units together for 5.1 operation, the FATSO can cure any of the lameness found in the most common analog to digital converter sets, while giving your music the width and breadth that makes folks wax nostalgic for $300 reels of tape and 500+ pound tape machines.

Arguably the coolest and most unique device in the Empirical Labs arsenal, the FATSO (Full Analog Tape Simulator and Optimizer) is a digitally controlled analog device that gives musicians and engineers easy access to many of the desirable characteristics exhibited by older tube and Class A electronics and magnetic tape mediums. This two channel audio processor musically integrates frequencies and transients, increasing the apparent volume while keeping tight control over peak levels.

 With the FATSO, recording studios and audio production facilities can enhance and soften the sound of Hardware Digital Recorders (HDRs) and Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs).  Mix engineers will have the option not to have to use bulky, expensive analog tape recorders to get the warmth and sweet high end they’ve come to rely on for so many decades.  Owners of DAWs and HDRs can finally put a stop to complaints about the coldness and brittle edge of their mixes and instruments. Even audiophiles can benefit from the FATSO, bringing back the warmth and ambience of LP’s and tapes to their CD players and other digital reproduction mediums.

Please allow 10-14 days for delivery on this item. We do have Distressor's in our studio so if you want to demo email us. 

Don't forget we have free New Zealand wide shipping!

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