MXL - OverStream Pro Gaming and Podcasting Bundle with 990 Blaze & Mic Mate XLR to USB interface

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Start podcasting now with the OverStream Pro bundle from MXL! This package comes with a 990 Blaze, a SMP-1 (Shock Mount/Pop Filter) and a MXL BCD Stand which has a built in 12ft XLR cable and a Mic Mate which is XLR to USB interface adapter. Everything you need to start podcasting and gaming.
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MXL OverStream Gaming and Podcasting Bundle with 990 Blaze Microphone

The MXL 990 Blaze is a large-diaphragm condenser microphone that captures sweet, silky high ends, tight lows and midrange, and has two glowing blue LED lights in the mic grille. The MXL 990 stands out under the glow of its LED lights during recording, and it captures a remarkably clear sound whether it's in a professional recording studio or an at-home gaming setup.

It has a wide frequency response to complement a wide range of voices, both male and female, and it has a durable, all-metal construction for long-lasting use. Perfect for gamers, podcasters, and studio musicians alike.

Key Features
  • Blaze Cardioid XLR Microphone
  • SMP-1 BCD Desk-Mount, Scissor-Arm Mic Stand with built in 12 ft cable
  • Integrated All-In-One Pop Filter
  • Mic Mate XLR USB Adapter
  • Durable Shock-mount

Ship with 12 months warranty

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