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The Reflection Killer ™ by Qualified Sound

The Reflection killer is designed to act as a portable and affordable vocal recording booth for your home recording studio. Remove unwanted room reflections from your recordings to achieve a more professional sound.

With four settings available you can adjust the unit to achieve a "dead" sound, or you can expand the distance between the unit and the microphone adding more of the room sound to your recordings. Additionally it can be attached to virtually any microphone stand.

This unit is manufactured in New Zealand and is made from top quality materials.

Professional acoustic foam - Overall NRC rating = 0.81 
Bracket design that does not interfere with microphone cables or plugs
Clip on any microphone stand 
4 distance settings available 
Slick black powder-coat look 
Light weight sturdy construction 
Made in NZ by Qualified Sound Ltd ™

Freq. NRC 

125 Hz: 0.13 

250 Hz: 0.29 

500 Hz: 0.89 

1000 Hz: 1.08 

2000 Hz: 0.97 

4000 Hz: 1.00 

Overall NRC: 0.81


STL Pro Audio is an authroised dealer for Qualified Sound and we are very happy to be supporting a NZ Audio company....go NZ!

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