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Dangerous Music - CONVERT AD+

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STL Pro Audio is extremely proud to announce that we are now the authorised distributor for Dangerous Music in NZ!

Dangerous Music are a world leader in mastering grade compressors, summing boxes, DAW speaker control and AD and DA conversion. Handmade in US Dangerous Music have been supplying mastering houses, professional studios and DAW users with a diverse and innovative range of audio solutions for over 10years. Their 2-Buss LT a 16 channel summing box has become an industry standard and you've most likely already mixes summed through this unit. Be sure to have a look at the Dangerous range as they offer solutions that combine summing with speaker management, surround speaker management, EQ's, 2 Buss compressors and more.

All Dangerous Music products ship with the full manufactures 2 Year Warranty!

Don't forget all STL Pro Audio products include Free Shipping Nationwide in NZ!


Dangerous Music CONVERT-AD+

Stereo A/D Converter with Switchable Dual Inputs, Clip Guard Technology, Zoomable Metering, Switchable Transformers, and Emphasis Control

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Advanced Stereo Conversion From Dangerous

Just when you thought analog-to-digital converter technology had plateaued, Dangerous Music shatters the status quo. Again. The CONVERT-AD+ is a no-compromise, mastering-grade stereo converter that delivers a huge, natural sound with unparalleled transparency and detail throughout the frequency range. The sonics are highly musical, with richly defined lows, liquid midrange, and silky highs. If superior sonics were all the CONVERT-AD+ offered, it would still be well worth the price of admission. But this converter is also packed with innovative features like switchable dual inputs for setup flexibility, proprietary Clip Guard technology for signal-integrity assurance, zoomable metering for a precision view of critical levels, switchable transformers for vintage-flavored heft, and emphasis control for variable coloration. All considered, the Dangerous Music CONVERT-AD+ is an unbeatable package.

Switchable dual inputs

Press a button and switch between any two balanced line-level input sources to instantly compare mastering chains, test your mix against a reference, or switch between recording and mixing configurations. Use CONVERT-AD+'s inputs any way you want. The switchable inputs on the CONVERT-AD+ will streamline your workflow, whether you work in a home studio or a world-class mastering suite.

Proprietary Clip Guard technology

As today’s streaming platforms employ filters that scan for clipped masters and reject or attenuate them, digital clipping is a major concern. The CONVERT-AD+ employs Dangerous Music's proprietary Clip Guard technology, which simply removes all clipping from your signal — without changing the sound. One less worry.

Switchable transformers

Output transformers at the end of your mix or mastering chain add character, weight, and articulation to the sound your final product. What a stroke of genius to include this feature in a converter! The X-FORMER button on the CONVERT-AD+ engages two Hammond transformers wired in series, ready to perform their sonic magic. Hammond has been making transformers for over a century and Dangerous uses them to advantage in a circuit that infuses your masters with color and vitality.

Emphasis control

When the transformers are switched in, EMPHASIS kicks in with a proprietary shelving EQ/compression cocktail that brings a new palette of tasty 2nd-order harmonic coloration to your tracking, mixing, and mastering. Dial in just the right amount (or none at all) until you hit the sweet spot. In most cases, you’ll notice a beefier low end and gentle saturation of the mids and highs. The more you experiment with it, the more you’ll appreciate what EMPHASIS can do for your music.

Zoomable meters

The dynamics of a mix or master mostly live in the zone between the average and peak levels. Dangerous Music's meter zooming technology lets you zoom in on the top 10dB of dynamic activity, giving you a more finely grained look at your critical levels during mixing and mastering. 


Dangerous Music's jitter-elimination technology reduces jitter to the point where it is sonically irrelevant. When you've got zeros and ones flying by at the speed of sound, a trustworthy clock and balanced data-stream management system are critical to articulate, impactful, dimensional — and highly musical — sound. Many engineers have been using CONVERT series units for their studio's master clocking; you may want to consider doing likewise with the CONVERT-AD+ — upping the value proposition of this remarkable converter even further.

Armed and Dangerous

Dangerous Music set the standard for audiophile-grade D/A conversion in 2002 when they unleashed the Dangerous MONITOR, which provided a new reference for mastering engineers. The DAC-ST, D-Box, and Source followed. Now the company's CONVERT series raises the bar further with a new generation of D/A conversion which provides the sought-after qualities that have made Dangerous the choice for tracking, mixing, and mastering engineers worldwide. With the CONVERT-AD+, esteemed analog electronics designer Chris Muth has struck gold again, pouring his considerable expertise into an incredible-sounding, highly effective tool that, once you've worked with it, you won't want to be without!

Dangerous Music CONVERT-AD+ Stereo A/D Converter Features:

  • Adjustable Sample Rate supports 6 sample rates for universal compatibility with other devices
  • Selectable Calibration Level cycles through 3 calibration levels for compatibility with other devices
  • 2 switchable, discrete stereo inputs with two switchable stereo input paths
  • Clip Guard removes all clipping from your digital signal without changing the sound
  • Premium custom digital meter with Normal and Peak Hold modes for precise visual feedback
  • Zoomable metering provides magnified resolution, letting you view the top 10dB of your signal level
  • Word Clock with three Modes: Internal, External, and Master
  • X-FORMER button engages Chris Muth circuitry incorporating a pair of customized Hammond transformers
  • EMPHASIS shelving EQ/Compressor induces 2nd-order harmonics for increased warmth and sparkle
  • USB-to-host connection for Mac/PC
  • Dual AES outputs
  • ADAT optical output
  • S/PDIF optical output
  • S/PDIF coax output

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