Dangerous Music CONVERT-8

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Dangerous Music CONVERT-8

8-channel D/A Converter with USB, AES, S/PDIF, ADAT, and Optical S/PDIF Support

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Up to Eight Channels of High-end Conversion/Monitoring

The Dangerous Music CONVERT-8 gives you high-definition surround reference monitoring for up to eight channels, audiophile-grade mastering front-end playback conversion, and a USB input that lets you connect directly to your DAW. Its no-compromise design leverages Dangerous Music's many years of experience and their dedication to the creation of truly "transparent, yet musical" high-end professional studio gear. The sound is stunningly detailed, with a lavishly defined bottom and breathtaking clarity across the entire audio spectrum. CONVERT-8 is smartly designed, extremely useful, and incredible-sounding.

Dangerous Music set the standard for audiophile-grade D/A conversion in 2002, when they unleashed their Dangerous MONITOR, which provided a new reference for mastering engineers. The DAC-ST, D-BOX, and SOURCE followed. Now the company's CONVERT series raises the bar further with a new generation of D/A conversion that provides the sought-after qualities that have made Dangerous the choice for tracking, mixing, and mastering engineers worldwide, along with the latest technology in audio electronics.

What the pros are saying about CONVERT-8:
  • "They are exceptionally transparent, yet they've got a very beautiful sound. I just love listening to sounds through them for long stretches. I'm fascinated with three-dimensionality and space in recordings, and with the CONVERTS, I am hearing convincing dimensionality." — Allen Farmelo (producer/engineer)

  • "Clocking is rock solid!" — Ryan West (recorder/mixer)

  • "My mixes and masters all sound more polished and expensive with way less effort." — Daniel Sadowski (music composer)

  • "The clearest, widest, most detailed stereo field I've ever mixed in. Clarity, transparency, acoustic accuracy ... WOW!" — Todd Whitelock (audio engineer)

  • "With the CONVERT Series, Dangerous Music managed to beat their own DAC-ST as my favorite reference D/A." — Fabrice Dupont (producer/engineer)

  • "Finally a D/A converter that exceeds the sound quality of the super-expensive old guards at a fraction of the cost! The CONVERT D/A has the flexibility to cover all of our modern-day connectivity needs and a very friendly user interface to boot!" — Dave Kutch (mastering engineer)

  • "Having such a pure, clean sound with so much headroom gives me this feeling of freedom to color and shape my stems in any way I want." — Reuven Amiel(mixer/producer)

  • "Changing to the CONVERT-8 made a huge difference in overall dynamics and detail." — Russel Elevado (mix engineer)

Dangerous Music CONVERT-8 D/A Converter Features:

  • High-definition surround monitoring
  • Dedicated summing/stem mixing D/A
  • Input for DAW connection
  • Integrated MONITOR ST/SR switching
  • 5 digital input formats
Dangerous Music are a world leader in mastering grade compressors, summing boxes, DAW speaker control and AD and DA conversion. Handmade in US Dangerous Music have been supplying mastering houses, professional studios and DAW users with a diverse and innovative range of audio solutions for over 10years. Their 2-Buss LT a 16 channel summing box has become an industry standard and you've most likely already mixes summed through this unit. Be sure to have a look at the Dangerous range as they offer solutions that combine summing with speaker management, surround speaker management, EQ's, 2 Buss compressors and more.

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