ATC SCM12 Pro 6" Passive Studio Monitors - Incredible Nearfields

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ATC SCM12 Pro 6" Passive Studio Monitors

Passive 2-way Monitors with Constrained Layer Damping Bass/Midrange Driver and SH25-76 Dual-suspension Tweeter (pair)

ATC Nearfield Accuracy

The ATC SCM12 Pro is a compact, high-performance 2-way passive studio monitor that employs the company's proprietary Constrained Layer Damping (CLD) bass/midrange driver. CLD woofers use a multi-layered composite cone with a central damping layer that greatly reduces the audible artifacts of cone breakup. These drive units deliver outstanding clarity, even at high output levels. To ensure consistent performance over extended periods, the SH25-76 tweeter used in the SCM12 Pro is a unique dual-suspension unit that ensures free pistonic voice coil movement without reliance on ferrofluid. The ATC SCM12 Pro is ideal for critical nearfield monitoring applications in all control rooms and for surround applications in small-to-medium sized rooms.

Proprietary drivers offer lifelike playback

Great-sounding monitors start with great-sounding drivers. The SCM12 Pro's drivers are manufactured to exacting standards at ATC's in-house facility. Hand-wound voice coils are made from flat, oxygen-free copper wire and operate in a precision long magnetic gap. Specially designed magnet vents not only reduce airflow noise and heat but also increase power handling and reliability. These drivers are designed to give you a smooth and even frequency response without built-in EQ. In short, the SCM12 Pro was designed to perform to exacting professional standards.

ATC's history of world-class audio

ATC has focused on one thing - creating the best speakers possible - since 1974. In the SCM12 Pro, you'll find that every component was designed for maximum accuracy and sonic clarity. For example, ATC's electronic crossover has built-in phase correction, solving a problem that causes smeared audio or a lack of definition. And ATC's famous Super Linear drivers reduce harmonic distortion by 10dB-15dB compared to similar speakers, which means you'll hear every nuance of your audio exactly as it was recorded and mixed. If you want to make great-sounding recordings that translate to the world outside your studio, accurate monitors are a must. Sweetwate

ATC SCM12 Pro Passive Monitors (pair) Features:

  • 2-way passive studio monitors
  • Constrained Layer Damping (CLD) bass/midrange driver
  • SH25-76 dual-suspension tweeter
  • Gold-plated binding posts (bi-amp configuration with mono strapping)
  • Comes with ATC's 6-year limited warranty

STL Pro Audio is proud to announce that we are now the exclusive NZ Distributor for ATC Professional Monitors. Please contact us with any inquiries about ATC