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Welcome to virtual recording studio just remember, you'll still need a song!

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Hi there TK here the owner of STL Pro Audio and head button pusher at The Armoury our recording studio. Firstly I want to welcome you to what is our first blog/newsletter and say thank you for supporting the small guy!

Well 2017 and I have to say for the first time it feels like affordable technology and studio hardware are finally beginning to be both affordable and really exciting. Up until recently hi-end technology and studio equipment meant a hire purchase agreement. I remember getting my first Pro Tools HD quote it was so expensive I impulsively asked 'does it come with a bbq and dancers?' the salesman didn't laugh. A lot has changed in price and products, finally manufactures are making products people want, not just need and they are affordable.

Which brings me to topic, it's been pretty hard to miss the buzz but on the eve of NAMM 17 Slate Digital launched what is quite possibly the most exciting step forward for many but mainly the home studio and artist: The VRS-8 or Virtual Recording Studio System. Now before we get into this yes, we are the dealer and distributor for Slate Digital. But I will say I have no problem calling a SM58 a hammer or any product that is a lemon a lemon. In fact there are a few models in some of our brands I will not import because they are rebranded doorstops or just terrible products that won't last or will not impress anyone at any level. So this is really my personal opinion based on experience and honesty.

Please watch the following if you're not already familiar with the VRS-8.

As with all the hype that comes with something so possibly amazing there is trepidation and then doubt. It's the excitement of such an amazing product that it's hard to believe it can do all that. I should know my phone has rung every day since the launch with that exact sentiment.

So let's back up 2 or 3 years Slate Digital did exactly the same thing with another product the Raven MTI. A touch screen system for your DAW. This has now gone onto another generation - MTI2. This product created the exact same emotions for everyone I talked with then. Now 3 years on the MTI & MTI2 have more than proven their worth for a diverse rage of users from post production, hi end mixers right through to project studios. The MTI2 has actually superseded everyone's expectations and Slate have done more for the users than promised. Firmware and software updates, free iOS apps etc etc. Basically the product that seems unbelievable worked, and guess what? We still haven't seen a similar product from anyone else yet!

Roll a year or so on and they launched the VMS, The Virtual Microphone System. In simple terms a mic and preamp that enables you model both the mic and the pre. This product is the stepping stone for the VRS-8 Systems. Again this product has done exactly what the hype sold it on, and Slate have been the developing the software again and again. I'll be honest, I still feel guilty using the VMS over my U87 or my Telefunkens but it really does the trick of those mic's and offers more to the mix. A different mic on the verse and chorus, or what about the BV's? The list just keeps going. Don't get me wrong it's not a replacement, I'll always use those mic's but when I have time in a session to try a different mic out, not 2-3hrs to track all the vocals in a song due to budget, or time constraints. A lot of the time with post work the VO and agency just want to get into it, so it's much more practical to mic search afterwards making the selection not just suit the voice but the material itself.

So there you have it by way of track record I have no doubt personally the VRS-8 System will be one of those products that become indispensable for everyone from home studios, live recordists, producers, post production and even professional studios. Eight channels of multiple vintage microphone and preamp emulation, headphone outputs, 2 DI's and more for half the price if one vintage mic. Sorry but no BBQ or dancers if you buy one from us, but if you buy 2 it's negotiable!

The VSR Bundles will be available as soon as we can get them from Slate around April/May.

Thanks TK - STL Pro Audio.

Please leave any comments and suggestions below for future blogs.

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