Buzz Audio Elixir 500 Series Preamp

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Buzz Audio are famous the world over for some of the most accurate, lush and boutique pro audio recording equipment avaliable. We haven't recorded an acoustic guitar without a Buzz Audio preamp in over 5 years, for us there's no point using anything else.

You can see many video's on You Tube here all are recorded using a Buzz Audio Elixir 500 series.

Buy Buzz Audio and support a NZ company!

The Elixir Preamp to us the hidden gem of the Buzz Audio catalogue, it's truly one of the best preamps on the market and in NZ it's only $949! In our opinion it's unbelievable value for money. This preamp will without a doubt take your recording's to a new level. We have a saying at STL 'even a 57 sounds good thru the Elixir!' It's true the Elixir turns a dynamic micriphone into what you swear is a condenser. We use the Elixir on Vocals, Snare, Kick and anything else we can!

From Buzz:

There is an overwhelming number of 500 Series mic preamps to choose from, many of which are clones or copies of vintage units. So, as a breath of fresh air, we present the Elixir preamp module that stands apart from that crowd. By using our own True Class A amplifiers and Swedish Lundahl output transformers, we've produced a warm sweet liquid sound quality that is unique and a useful compliment in your rack to other "harder" sounding 500 Series preamps.

The Elixir has a fast transient response so it is ideal for stringed instruments and percussion - a superb choice for snare drum and acoustic guitars. And as with all our preamps the noise level is as low as possible and there is plenty of gain for ribbon microphones. The instrument jack input has a very special "bootstrap" amplifier design and really does sound huge on bass guitar. 

A 41 detent Gain pot provides up to 70dB of grunt (60dB using the Instrument input). Toggle switches select the 48V Phantom Power on/off, High or Low Mic and Instrument input impedance (IN Z), the 20dB Pad, Phase Reverse and Output Mute. The 1/4" jack Instrument input is automatically selected when a jack is inserted. A four led peak meter gives good indication of output level, but due to the massive +34dBu output headroom, it is unlikely the Elixir will clip before the next unit in the chain does!


Buzz Audio


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    A Little Beaut!

    Posted by Matt Sephton on 15th Jul 2020

    An excellent Pre-Amp. Beautiful sounding, looks nice, a pleasure to use. ;)