Buzz Audio MA-2.2 True Class A Microphone Amplifier

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Buzz Audio are known the world over for designing and manufacturing some of the most lush and boutique pro audio recording equipment avaliable. We haven't recorded an acoustic guitar without a Buzz Audio preamp in over 5 years, for us there's no point using anything else.

You can see many video's on You Tube here all are recorded using a Buzz Audio Elixir 500 series.

Buy Buzz Audio and support a NZ company!

Please note there is a lead time of 48hrs on all Buzz Audio items.

We are extremely proud to bring you the:

MA-2.2 True Class A Microphone Amplifier

Buzz Audios flagship stereo microphone preamp and available direct from STL Pro Audio!

From Buzz Audio:

In order to capture the most accurate uncolored reproduction of an acoustic source, a microphone preamplifier must exhibit low distortion, wide frequency response and low noise. The preamplifier must also be capable of reproducing transient information without slew rate limiting and present a non-reactive load to the microphone itself. Many preamplifiers that attempt to achieve this specification are often referred to as sounding "clinical", however we believe the MA-2.2 brings the world one step closer to achieving this ultimate goal whilst retaining a musically warm and full sound.

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