WARM AUDIO WA-87 Condenser Microphone

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Warm Audio WA-87 - Condenser Microphone

Yes it is finally available in NZ! 

Their acclaimed compressors and preamps have famously upset the pro audio price/performance ratio. When Warm Audio turned its attention to microphones with the WA-87, they set a high target: one of the most iconic large-diaphragm FET condenser mics in history. Flash back to any top recording studio in the 1970s. You'll see the venerable '87 everywhere. On toms, overheads, guitar cabs, brass, congas, vocals — you name it. Engineers who have worked with different generations of this perennial studio favorite know that the vintage ones have a warmer, more forgiving sonic character. It's these circuit designs — dating back nearly half a century — that Warm Audio closely followed for the WA-87. Stellar performance, top-shelf parts, and amazing value: that's the Warm formula — and the WA-87 nails it.

Quality components make a better mic

The WA-87 features all discrete, premium components such as Fairchild FETs, tantalum, polystyrene, and WIMA film capacitors, and is rounded off with a CineMag USA output transformer.  The WA-87 proudly uses our own Warm Audio WA-87-B-50V custom capsule reproduction stylized after the classic K87 dual backplate/dual diaphragm capsule found in the early ‘87 microphones

It all starts with the microphone

The importance of a good microphone cannot be overstated; but unfortunately, finding a truly great microphone within a budget has always been challenging for aspiring engineers. There are very usable microphones available for those on a budget; but top shelf, classic studio microphones are financially out of reach for most people.  We applied all that we know about bridging this barrier into crafting a microphone that reaches the level of quality and sonics mostly found only in top shelf products, yet sells for a price that is down to earth.


  • Large condenser studio microphone based on the classic “87-style” circuit

  • Polar Patterns: Cardioid, figure of eight, and omnidirectional

  • WA-87-B-50V capsule. Reproduction of classic dual backplate (four wire termination) K87 capsule

  • Diaphragm: 6 micron thickness, 1 inch diameter, gold sputtered membrane, NOS mylar (PET film)

  • CineMag USA output transformer

  • Frequency Response: 20hz - 20khz

  • SPL: .5% THD @ 125db (without pad),132db

  • -10db pad

  • Output: 150 ohms, 24k gold plated, 3 pin XLR

  • High Pass Filter: 80hz

  • Noise: -117db

  • Microphone includes shock mount, hard mount and wood box

  • Color: nickel


  • 5
    Godamn this is a great mic!

    Posted by Joel Cosgrove on 4th Feb 2020

    Sits in the mix beautifully with vocals. Great mid-range for room mics for drums. Love it!