ART HeadAmp6 6-channel Headphone Amp

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ART HeadAmp6 6-channel Headphone Amp

6-channel Stereo Headphone Amplifier with 500mW Maximum Output Levels

6-channel Rackmount Stereo Headphone Amplifier

Six pairs of stereo 500mW outputs (@32Ω) give the ART HeadAmp6 power and flexibility to drive a band mix from your DAW or a live session from your booth. Each channel features an additional front-side 1/4" TRS headphone out with level control for easy access from a rack. Also around front, you'll find a 1/4" TRS Aux In so each musician can send their instrument to their own channel and blend between the shared feed and their own source; this gives the ART HeadAmp6 the potential to create 6 independent "more-me" mixes tailored to each performer. On the back, balanced Thru outputs, which are handwired in parallel with the Main Inputs, allow you to daisy-chain multiple HeadAmp6 units together. 

ART HeadAmp6 Headphone Amplifier Features:

  • 6-channel headphone amp in a 1U rackmount size
  • Front (1x) and rear (2x) TRS headphone outputs
  • TRS Aux In w/ balance control provides 6 "more-me" mixes
  • Balanced Thru outputs for daisy-chaining
  • Mono and Mute L/R switches per channel
  • Maximum output levels: 150mW (600 Ohm Headphones); 500mW (32 Ohm Headphones); 150mW (8 Ohm Headphones)

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