ATC SCM50ASL Pro 9" 3-way Powered Studio Monitors

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ATC SCM50ASL Pro 9" 3-way Powered Studio Monitors

350W 3-way, 9" Powered Midfield Monitor with Active Filtering, Wide Dispersion, Overload Protection, and Balanced XLR Input (pair)

The Professional Choice for No-compromise Audio

Professionals choose the ATC SCM50ASL active monitors for their unparalleled accuracy, overall quality, and exceptional performance. That's why you'll find ATC monitors in the studios of George Massenburg, Chuck Ainlay, Nathaniel Kunkel, and many other world-renowned engineers. ATC monitors are handmade in the U.K. using cutting-edge components and processes, and you'll immediately hear why they're considered one of the finest reference monitors in the world. 

ATC SCM50ASL Active 3-way Studio Monitor Pair at a Glance:

  • A powerful three-way design
  • Proprietary speakers offer life-like playback
  • ATC's history of world-class audio
  • Ready for professional use

A powerful three-way design

The ATC SCM50ASL has separate LF, MF, and HF drivers to cover a wide frequency range, with electronic crossovers that virtually eliminate phase incoherence. The tri-amped design provides a powerful 200 watts for low frequencies, 100 watts for mids, and 50 watts for highs. You'll enjoy incredibly wide dynamic range, very fast transient response, and an exceptionally sharp stereo image - everything you need to make final mastering decisions with confidence.

Proprietary speakers offer life-like playback

Great-sounding monitors start with great-sounding speakers. The ATC SCM50ASL's low and mid drivers are manufactured to exacting standards at their in-house facility. Hand-wound voice coils are made from flat oxygen-free copper wire and operate in a precision long magnetic gap. Specially designed magnet vents not only reduce air flow noise and heat, but increase power handling and reliability. These drivers are designed to give you a smooth and even frequency response without built-in EQ. In short, the SCM50ASL was designed to perform and sound better.

ATC's history of world-class audio

ATC has focused on one thing - creating the best speakers possible - since 1974. In the SCM50ASL, you'll find that every component was designed for maximum accuracy and sonic clarity. For example, ATC's electronic crossover has built-in phase correction, solving a problem that cause smeared audio or a lack of definition. And ATC's famous Super Linear Drivers reduce harmonic distortion by 10-15dB compared to similar speakers, which means you'll hear every nuance of your audio exactly as it was recorded and mixed. These are just a couple of reasons you'll find ATC monitors in the studios of the most discerning engineers on the planet.

Ready for professional use

The size and design of the ATC SCM50ASL active monitors make them ideal as midfield monitors in most medium-sized control rooms. While the SCM50ASL will sound "great" in almost any room, you'll want to make sure you're placing them in the correct configuration for maximum accuracy in your specific acoustic space. 

ATC SCM50ASL Active 3-way Studio Monitor Pair Features:

  • Premium 3-way active studio monitors
  • Extremely accurate and life-like playback of your recordings
  • Proprietary speakers
  • 350W tri-amped monitor
  • Engineered to give you the best playback possible
  • Used by many professional engineers, producers, artists and studios
  • Sold as a pair
  • ATC's 6-year limited warranty

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