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Cranborne Audio - Camden 500 - 500 Series Preamp - End of Financial Year Sale

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Product Description

Camden 500 - 500 Series Preamp and Signal Processor

Astoundingly transparent and detailed 500 series mic, line, and hi-z preamp with mojo - two analogue saturation styles that emulate vintage valve and transformer effects. Put simply, Camden 500 is the most astoundingly clean, linear, and transparent preamp you’ve ever heard.

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We've had a chance to demo the Camden in our studio 'The Armoury' and it's absolutely insane. It's without a doubt the most flexible preamp we've ever used. We plan to make demo videos in 2019 to show it's flexibility. If you're looking for a preamp for your 500 rack then you WILL NOT be disappointed in the Camden. The best part is the Camden is very affordable, and in stock!

From Cranborne Audio:

Camden 500 was designed from the ground-up to be the ultimate front-end for the modern studio and engineer and to withstand the rigours of modern workflow and production techniques. It features a completely original, custom-designed ‘Camden’ preamp topology that achieves stunning low-noise and low-distortion performance as well as frequency and phase linearity at all gain settings. The sum result is -129.8dB EIN (150ohm, unweighted), THD+N as low as 0.0002%, frequency response of ±0.7dB from 5Hz to 200kHz at max gain and <2° phase shift @ 20Hz – 20kHz.

For moments when that extra bit of ‘British’ character is required, rather than use a transformer and learn to live with its drawbacks, Cranborne Audio developed Mojo - two discrete analogue saturation styles that transform Camden 500 into the fattest, warmest, and most characterful preamp in your arsenal - all at the turn of a dial. Perhaps best of all, unlike transformer and other legacy designs, Mojo can be subtle, it can also be exaggerated, but it can also be bypassed.

Clean, Precise, and Natural - at all gain positions

Whilst preamp specifications often quote fantastic figures at specific gain values, when the gain is increased, those figures often change radically. Camden 500 was designed to retain all of its impressive performance specifications at all gain positions from 8dB to 68dB. This means that even when the preamp is running at maximum gain, the Phase and Frequency response remains linear and THD always remains inaudible - enabling all gain positions to be usable for any source and mic combination.

Vintage, Warm, and Coloured - thanks to Mojo

Camden 500 features mojo - a new type of saturation circuit that consists of an array of filters and discrete second/third order harmonic generators that allow precise emulation of the saturation and low-end reinforcement behaviours of vintage transformer and valve-based equipment. The key to Mojo is that it can be dialled in to taste; use subtle amounts for gentle saturation, or dial it in to well beyond the point that destructive clipping would usually occur with transformer-based. Perhaps the very best part of Mojo is that it can be bypassed to reveal the pristine base sound of the Camden 500.


Thump is a style that works best on - but is not limited to - low-frequency based instruments. Thump excites low-end content by boosting harmonics in the range of ~100Hz to 20Hz and below without increasing the fundamental frequencies - resulting in fuller low-end on all reproduction mediums. As Thump is not EQ-based, the additional harmonic content is shaped by the source and it’s existing low-end frequency content resulting in a natural addition of extra “Thump”. Similar-sounding EQ moves will result in extreme wooliness as all sonic energy is boosted - even unwanted audio in-between the hits.


Cream introduces a vintage smoothness that enables tracks to sit deep within a complex mix in a way that cannot be replicated with EQ. The Cream setting drastically increases THD whilst smoothing-out the low-mids. As with Thump, Cream is not EQ based and is purely achieved by blending 2 saturation stages with the dry signal and additional harmonics. Cream varies entirely on the harmonic signature of the incoming source. It will increase high-end forwardness and create unique harmonic-based tonal shaping effects on mid-range instruments, but it will also add low-end on full range sources as well as unique “compression-style” effect on transients.

STL Pro Audio is very proud to announce that we are now the exclusive distributor for Cranborne Audio in New Zealand.


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Product Videos

Camden 500 By The Numbers - The Cleanest Mic Preamp On The Market? 10:22

By our calculations and measurements, Camden 500 is the cleanest and most transparent preamp on the market. In this video Elliott dives into the tech specs and explains how we've come to this conclusion by comparing some technical data and performance specs against some undisclosed competitors preamp's as well as showing off some audio examples of Camden 500 in action. This video is not for the faint-hearted... Quick Links: 00:00 - Intro 00:54 - Frequency Response 01:43 - [AUDIO] Acoustic Guitar 02:03 - Phase Response 03:08 - [AUDIO] Drum Kit 03:28 - Equivalent Input Noise 04:19 - THD+N 06:07 - [AUDIO] Soft Vocals 06:32 - Mojo Intro + Thump 07:24 - [AUDIO] Bass & Bass w/Thump 07:44 - [AUDIO] Drum Machine w/Thump 08:03 - Cream 08:21 - [AUDIO] Drum & Drums w/Cream 08:42 - [AUDIO] Vocals & Vocals w/Cream 09:02 - Cream - Tone Shaper 09:12 - [AUDIO] Guitar w/Cream 09:33 - Conclusion Audio examples feature no additional processing apart from a limiter to prevent clipping. As such, audio examples may seem quiet. A good pair of headphones or speakers are recommended to hear the nuances of Camden 500 accurately. Special thanks to Podge Blacksmith for his vocal performances in the video.

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    By our calculations and measurements, Camden 500 is the cleane...

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