Darkglass Electronics - Alpha Omega Dual Bass Preamp/OD Pedal

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Darkglass Alpha Omega Dual Bass Preamp/OD Pedal

Bass Preamp Pedal and DI Box with Overdrive
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If you're looking for the Ultra Omega sound but don't want all the features of the 'Ultra' then this is the solution. You still get the dual drive, EQ & blend, tone switches and a lot of I/O, giving you flexible Alpha toned pedal at a lower price.

Preamp, DI, and Distortion in One

The Alpha Omega bass pedal from Darkglass Electronics is so much more than an excellent DI. It's also a pedal-sized preamp and a savage-sounding distortion effect. The Alpha Omega was codesigned with Karnivool bassist Jon Stockman and combines a dynamic saturation circuit with a 3-band EQ and balanced line driver. Level, Drive, and Blend knobs dial in and fine-tune your clean and overdriven signals. Growl and Bite switches increase or decrease the Alpha Omega's low- and high-frequency saturation. And dual outputs make parallel processing and running your signal to a PA or mixing console a piece of cake.

Codesigned with Jon Stockman

Karnivool bassist and all-around sonic adventurer Jon Stockman got together with the engineers at Darkglass Electronics to create the Alpha Omega. Because Stockman regularly goes from thick lows for filling out the bottom to grinding, effected tones that jump out front, he knew that he needed a pedal that would deliver any shade of low-end grit he may need at a moment's notice. So while the Alpha Omega can definitely nail cutting, overdriven bass tones to the wall, it is equally at home as a clean, tone-shaping preamp. As Darkglass puts it, "Alpha Omega is the most flexible among our designs."

Powerful set of controls

The secret to Alpha Omega's encompassing personality is its bevy of tone-shaping controls. The Level, Drive, and 3-band EQ are easy enough to figure out. But the real fun comes when you start manipulating the Growl and Bite switches, the Mod knob, and the all-powerful Blend control. The Growl and Bite switches affect the low- and high-frequency saturation of your signal, placing your tone's teeth right where you want it. The Mod knob is a variable way to select between punchy and tight tone or an all-out raw sound. And you can always blend in your original signal to taste.

Effortlessly integrates into your rig

Whether you're a fan of vintage gear, prefer to go straight to the console, or have a complicated rig that would put your guitarist to shame, Darkglass Electronics's Alpha Omega boasts the I/O to make it happen. At its most streamlined, you can run an instrument cable from the 1/4" to your amp and take advantage of the pedal's tone shaping. The XLR output makes Alpha Omega a brilliant DI box. And the onboard parallel output lets you send an unaffected tone to one source, and your affected sound to another.

Darkglass Electronics Alpha Omega Pedal Features:

  • Bass preamp pedal and DI box with saturation circuit
  • Designed with Karnivool bassist, Jon Stockman
  • 3-band EQ for shaping your tone
  • Drive knob controls the amount of saturation in your overdriven signal
  • Blend knob adjusts the ratio between clean and overdriven signals
  • Growl switch dials in the amount of low-frequency saturation
  • Bite switch tunes in the amount of high-frequency saturation
  • Parallel output for parallel processing
  • Direct output for running into PA systems and mixing consoles

STL Pro Audio is the New Zealand Distributor for Darkglass Electronics.


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    Posted by Scott Waugh on 2nd Oct 2019

    Just received mine yesterday and couldn't he happier. Easy to use and sounds amazing!