Direct Sound Studio Plus Extreme Isolation Headphones

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Direct Sound Studio Plus+ Isolating Headphones

Closed-back Dynamic Headphones with 40mm Drivers, 33.4dB Passive Attenuation, and Detachable Cable - Jet Black
If you're a drummer looking for some isolation headphones, then look no further. These are what we use in our studio and recommend. They are loud, block A LOT of noise out, and are robust!

Direct Sound Extreme Isolation® Headphones were invented by a studio session drummer for drummers, stage & studio musicians, home studios and anyone wanting serious isolation.

A Quiet, Comfortable, Immersive Listening Experience

When it comes to comfort and passive sound isolation, Direct Sound leads the charge. The Studio Plus+ closed-back headphones bring a whopping 33.4dB of noise reduction and all-day listening enjoyment to a lightweight, foldable design. A pair of HPA 40mm drivers delivers an immersive full-range (20Hz–20kHz) listening experience, unveiling new depth and dimension in your favourite recordings and revealing details in your audio you may have missed. The isolation comes in just as handy in your studio walls as in noisy environments (trains, planes, trade shows, etc.), keeping monitor audio from bleeding out keeping outside noise from getting in. The padded headband and fabric earmuffs are luxurious around the head and ears, and Direct Sound's red-means-right colour scheme means you'll never spend time searching for those tiny letters in a dark environment. Other long-lasting features include aircraft aluminium cable grommets, a premium 3' detachable cable, and an 8' armoured mesh extender that's great for cross-room cable runs.

33.4dB of passive isolation

Specially designed cushions in the Direct Sound Studio Plus+ headphones act as a barrier between your ears and the outside world. While other headphones may measure their noise-reduction capabilities at one specific frequency, the SP34Bs offer a true 33.4dB of passive isolation over a wide frequency range.

Flat-response HPA drivers

Direct Sound's latest HPA 40mm drivers, capable of delivering a full-range 20Hz–20kHz frequency response, go a long way in making those marathon mix and listening sessions more productive and enjoyable.

Comfortable, foldable design

When you want a closed-back design with wearability in mind, look to the Direct Sound Studio Plus+ headphones. Their lightweight adjustable headband lets you position ear-cups in just the right place, while padded ear cushions create a closed-back chamber of sound. Even better, the SP34Bs fold up to stow away in a briefcase or backpack.

Easy ID'ing

We've all had that fumbling moment when we've picked up a pair of headphones and scrutinised each side of them for the little "L" and "R" markings. Studio Plus+ headphones save time with their innovative "red is right" colouring: the inside ear panel of the right channel is covered with bright red fabric for easy identification, even in the dark.


  • Delivers a quiet, comfortable, immersive listening experience — in the studio or on the go
  • 33.4dB of passive noise isolation — keeps music in and sound out
  • Full-range (20Hz–20kHz) HPA 40mm drivers
  • Red-means-right colour scheme eliminates side confusion
  • Comfortable headband and ear cushions
  • Premium aircraft aluminium cable grommets
  • Includes a 3' detachable cable, an 8' armoured mesh extender, and a gold-plated 1/4" screw-on adapter

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