Manley - Force 4 Channel Tube Microphone Preamplifier

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Now Available in NZ from STL Pro Audio - Manley Labs

Manley - FORCE

4-channel Tube Mic Preamp with Mic and DI Inputs, LED Peak Meter, HPF, Polarity Invert, and Phantom Power (Per Channel)

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Killer Mic Pre. Times Four

The Manley Force Quad Mic Preamp uses a topology based on Manley's CORE mic pre section. It sports the same input level control and switch arrangement (minus one mic/line input). It also borrows the CORE's mic input transformer and 12AX7 vacuum tube gain stage. The main technical difference between the two units is the MOSFET White Follower, new to Manley. It also employs the same Entrodev switched mode PSU as the CORE.

A FORCE of Nature

Your relationship with the FORCE begins with the ergonomic facia through its thoughtfully organised controls, silky and bulletproof rotary potentiometers, positive latching feature switches, and convenient Direct Input 1/4" jacks. Seven-way LED metering for each channel provides instant visible feedback for audio levels which are enhanced with a double-inlay CNC-milled accent. A feast for the eyes, yeah, we know. This is investment grade audio equipment that you will be as proud to showcase in your studio as we are to handcraft it here in Southern California.

A Sonic Tour de FORCE

Your microphone signals enter through gold-plated XLR connectors straight into our MANLEY IRON® Mic input transformer. Your line level or instrument level guitars and keyboards come in via the front panel 1/4" Hi-Z 10 megOhm jacks before hitting the input level control which also acts as a Variable Input Pad. Phase Reverse and 120Hz High Pass filters can be invoked here in the circuit and then we're into the 12AX7 dual triode amplifying stage operating in pure Class A, of course. The amount of GAIN for each channel can be selected as 40dB or 50dB via the front panel switches. An additional 10dB of gain is available via internal jumpers. The output stage "can drive a truck" as we like to brag.

A Powerful FORCE

The power supply is an innovative design developed specifically for Manley Labs, specifically for High Voltage vacuum tubes, and specifically for audio by the world expert team in this technology led by Bruno Putzeys. Proven reliable and sonically superior in the Manley CORE, this power supply provides 300 Volt DC rails to run the vacuum tubes, beefy 6 Volt lines to power them up, along with several other voltage rails for the phantom power and various solid-state control voltages. High Voltage = High Headroom, folks. You will not get near this sonic performance with in any 500-series design. Trust us. This is Full FORCE audio excellence which starts with this superior power supply. All lines are importantly regulated, low impedance, efficient, and super-quiet in this low radiating high frequency design. The universal mains input accepts any voltage or frequency from anywhere in the world making travel with the FORCE a breeze. 

Manley Force Quad Mic Preamp Features:

    Four-channel mic preamp
  • Features per channel:
    • Microphone Input (XLR)
    • hi-Z Instrument Direct Input (TRS)
    • 7-LED Peak Level Meter
    • Main Output (XLR)
    • Microphone Pre selectable gain switch 40dB or 50dB
    • 60dB available via internal jumper
    • 120Hz Highpass Filter switch
    • Polarity Invert switch
    • 48V Phantom power switch
    • Input Level Attenuator (Variable Pad)
    • Manley Microphone Input Transformer
    • Class A Vacuum Tube Gain Stage
    • MOSFET White Follower output stage
  • Warm-up mute timer circuit
  • 2U rackmount chassis
  • Front panel power LED (flashing during start-up)
  • Front panel push button power switch


Now Available in NZ from STL Pro Audio - Manley Labs. Buy with confidence from an authorised dealer for Manley Labs.