Primacoustic London Bass Trap - Black x2

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Primacoustic London Bass Trap - Black

Bass Trap Kit with Mounting Hardware (pair) - Black
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The Secret to Cleaner Recordings and Better Mixes

When low-frequency sound waves collide, they produce exaggerated bass response in some areas, and weakened response in others. Having uneven bass response throughout your room is extremely problematic, and will greatly hamper your ability to make appropriate mixing decision. That's where Primacoustic London Bass Traps come in. Placing a pair of these acoustic panels across the corners of your room near the mix position effectively tames frequencies down to 100Hz, ensuring smooth frequency response throughout your entire room. Your recordings will sound cleaner, your mixes will translate better, and producing music will become much easier. Upgrade your studio with Primacoustic London Bass Traps. You'll wonder how you ever got by without them.

Standing waves and room modes will decimate your recordings

A standing wave occurs when a low-frequency sound wave is reflected back and forth between two parallel surfaces, such as two side walls in a room. A room mode occurs when the standing wave collides with the original direct sound wave. When these two waves are in phase you get exaggerated bass response, and when they're out of phase you get weakened bass response. The audio experts know that if bass response isn't consistent across your room, your recordings will suffer, and your mixes won't translate well. That's why corner bass trapping is vital.

Effective bass control for your studio

Primacoustic London Bass Traps are built from high-density glass wool with resin-hardened edges, and are fully encapsulated in micro-mesh. The entire panel is then hand-wrapped with an acoustically transparent polyester fabric for an aesthetically pleasant appearance. These acoustic panels' substantial surface area, combined with the 17-inch air cavity created behind them, offers excellent absorption throughout the entire audio spectrum and extends all the way down to 100Hz. Using London Bass Traps eliminates aggravating room modes by attenuating standing waves. This ensures clean recordings and mixes that translate well.

Installation is as almost as easy as hanging a picture

We've already established that corner bass trapping is essential if you want your studio to sound its best. Luckily, the included Primacoustic corner impalers make mounting London Bass Traps in the corners of your room a piece of cake. The impalers feature sharp tips that penetrate the panel and hold it securely in place.

Primacoustic London Bass Trap Kit Features:

  • Corner-mounted bass traps attenuate frequencies down to 100Hz
  • Tames room modes that lead to exaggerated or weakened bass
  • Results in cleaner recordings and mixes that translate better
  • Class 1/A fire-rated for safe use anywhere
  • Mounting hardware included