SAMAR Audio Design - MG20 Transformer-Coupled Condenser Microphone

SAMAR Audio Design
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Samar's obsession for designing completely original, high quality, modern microphones is obvious in this new handcrafted ribbon microphone.
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SAMAR Audio Design - MG20 Transformer-Coupled Condenser Microphone

Transformer coupled small diaphragm cardioid microphone featuring very low noise, high SPL handling, natural sonics, smooth response, and full extended low end

Coming March, taking pre orders now.

The Samar Audio Design MG20 is a transformer coupled small diaphragm microphone that features very low noise, high SPL handling, natural sonics, smooth response and full extended low end. This makes the MG20 the perfect solution for demanding professional engineers, studios, artists, as well as home recording enthusiast to make highest quality recordings. It is handcrafted and meticulously assembled at the company’s Salt Lake City based shop.

The Samar MG20 design was conceived and realized by the company’s founder, Dr. Mark Fouxman. The efficiency of the construction and using innovative acoustical shape of the body are responsible for excellent off-axis response and minimal phase distortions behavior. Use of highest quality internal electronic parts and optimization of the design makes it no-compromise microphone, which will provide the highest possible level of performance and years of dependability.

At the heart of the MG20 is a very high quality capsule working with a transformer coupled circuit, which consists of a single jFet loaded by made in house transformer. This circuit is very similar to a classic KM84 with a few modern tweaks to boost the performance even further. The transformer was developed by Dr. Mark Fouxman specifically for this model and wound chambered (topology adopted in Neumann BV8 and some other expensive transformers) for very low capacitance and excellent high frequency response, and assembled using US made 80% Nickel core lamination.

Special attention has been paid to the acoustical optimization of the MG20 microphone body, which forms a special shaped acoustical lens. This arrangement eliminates any sound waves interference, including off-axis. These facets along with acoustically open mesh screen eliminate any reflections, ensure the most acoustically transparent sound possible and phase integrity.

Created to facilitate a wide range of applications the MG20 delivers smooth sound, with deep bass response and an un-hyped, sibilance free, top end. Due to the un-colored and neutral nature of the sonics built into the MG20, it is especially suitable for applications where sibilance-free sound is a priority, notably vocals, voice over, and podcast applications. The extended low end and smooth top end make the MG20 an excellent choice for violins, brass instruments, mandolin, acoustic and electric guitars, drum overheads, various percussions, room microphones, orchestra, and choir among other recording, broadcast, and classical music applications.


  • Transformer-coupled
  • Low noise
  • High SPL handling
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • 2-year warranty
  • 15-day satisfaction guarantee

The Samar Audio MG20 comes in an injection-molded, US made carrying case with anti-vibration, shock-proof clip. It features a 1-year part and warranty.

STL Pro Audio is the exclusive NZ distributor for SAMAR Audio Design.