Triad Orbit - MICRO 2 M2-R

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Triad Orbit is now available from STL Pro Audio - get that microphone is the exact position you are after!

MICRO2 / M2-R - Retrofitable Mic Adaptor

M2-R Mic Adaptors feature the exclusive Compass Point™ ball swivel housing that solidly secures mics in any position and reduces setup time for those who need precision microphone placement. M2-R functionality can be added to any conventional mic stand or boom using the industry standard 5/8-inch thread.

MICRO Orbital Mic Adaptors are miniature versions of ORBIT Orbital Booms, exhibiting the same enhanced range of motion, thanks to the unique ball swivel mechanism. Using MICRO Adaptors in conjunction with ORBIT Booms exponentially increases the accuracy and versatility of any microphone stand.

Conventional mic stands can benefit from TRIAD-ORBIT quick-change innovation with the addition of MICRO and IO Retrofit Components. Retrofitting conventional mic stands and boom arms with MICRO-R and IO-R aftermarket components provides an instant upgrade in functionality.

For more details see the Triad Orbit site HERE.