Darkglass Microtubes X 900 900W Bass Amplifier Head - Black

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Darkglass Microtubes X 900 900W Bass Amplifier Head - Black

900W Bass Amplifier Head with X Engine Distortion Circuit, 6-band Graphic EQ, HPF/LPF, Compressor, 3 IR Cab Sim Slots, USB, and MIDIComprehensive Bass Amp for Practice, Performance, and Recording

Limited to a production run of 500, grab your piece of Darkglass history now!

The Mighty Microtubes 900 Platform Meets X-series Distortion

Merging Darkglass’ X-series distortion with the high-power Microtubes 900 platform, the Darkglass Microtubes X 900 is a cutting-edge powerhouse of low-end aggression. This bass amplifier head’s mammoth 900 watts of Class D power and ultra-versatile 6-band graphic EQ allow you to tweak, twist, and shape your bass tone from pristine, warm thump to raspy slap and pop tones. However, the real magic happens when you engage the Microtubes X 900’s “X Engine” — this raw, gritty distortion circuit based on Darkglass X-series pedals boasts its own LPF/HPF filters and compressor (also available on the clean channel). You also get MIDI channel switching, stunningly realistic IR cabinet sims, a programmable mute, headphone outputs, auxiliary inputs, and much more. In summary, the Microtubes X 900’s combination of sweeping sonic flexibility, comprehensive stage/studio/practice room features, and signature Darkglass X-series distortion represents a bold new era in Darkglass’ long-standing tenure of low-end dominance.

6-band graphic EQ for midrange madness

Perfect for the player who requires the utmost tonal precision, this head’s 6-band graphic EQ makes it a breeze to perfectly shape your sound for any sonic situation. And while the high- and low-shelving bands certainly go a long way in any tone-crafting pursuit, this EQ is all about the midrange. Four of the 6-band EQ’s sliders (250Hz, 500Hz, 1.5kHz, and 3kHz) are dedicated to sculpting your signal’s midrange for optimal punch, allowing your playing to shine through in any setting or ensemble imaginable.

Aggressive X Engine, inspired by Darkglass’ X-series pedals

While bassists champion Darkglass for their cutting-edge designs, immense tonal versatility, and limitless dedication to crafting top-quality products, one quality defines the brand above all else: Darkglass’ signature mid-heavy drive tones. The Darkglass Microtubes X 900 builds on that reputation with an onboard distortion circuit, primarily based on Darkglass’ wildly successful X-series of pedals. Once you’ve had your fill of the clean channel, engage the “X” button to slam the Microtubes X 900 into overdrive, unlocking everything from a gentle hint of grit to metal-ready high-gain grind. Moreover, the X Engine boasts a dedicated array of controls to sculpt your sound, including a lowpass and highpass filter, drive control, compressor (which can also be activated on the clean channel using the Clean Comp switch), Mix control, and Level knob.

Too many utility features to count

Whether you’re looking to take on the stage, the studio, or even the practice room, the Microtubes X 900 comprehensive array of utility features allows this head to efficiently tackle any application. First, this head boasts three different storable virtual cabinet slots to instantly swap between your favorite IRs, and you also get both a headphone output and auxiliary input for unparalleled versatility. If you’re running a particularly dynamic-heavy set list, the Microtubes X 900 also comes equipped with MIDI channel switching and a programmable mute. And, frankly, that’s not the half of it: Passive/Active input accommodation, an onboard effects loop, USB input, and unparalleled DI functions cement the Microtubes X 900 as one of the most flexible heads in the Darkglass stable.

Darkglass Microtubes X 900 900W Bass Amplifier Head Features:

  • Delivers 900 watts of hard-hitting Class D power — more than enough more almost any stage or studio application
  • Foot switchable 2-channel design allows you to instantaneously swap between ultra-pristine cleans and midrange-heavy distortion grind
  • 6-band graphic EQ, with low- and high-shelving sliders, in addition to 4 dedicated midrange sliders
  • X Engine distortion circuit inspired by Darkglass’ X-series pedals
  • Dedicated control section for the X Engine section, including HPF/LPF knobs, Drive, Mix, Level, and a compressor
  • Compressor can be activated on the clean channel by engaging the Clean Comp switch
  • Passive/Active switch to accommodate both active and passive bass designs
  • Three onboard cabinet simulation IR slots
  • Pre- and post-processing DI outputs
  • Ground-lift switch to fight unwanted hum
  • Onboard effects loop to integrate your favorite effects
  • Headphone out (with dedicated volume knob), aux in, and USB-C input
  • MIDI functionality allows for channel switching, muting programmability, and more

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