Darkglass Microtubes X Bass Preamp Pedal

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Darkglass Microtubes X Bass Preamp Pedal

Bass Preamp Pedal, with Variable Lowpass/Highpass Filters, and Drive, Mix, and Mid Controls

Distorted Bass Tones with Punch and Power

Nail powerful distorted bass while maintaining low-end impact with the Darkglass Microtubes X bass preamp pedal. The key to punchy distorted bass is allowing your mids and highs to provide the harmonic drive, while leaving your low fundamentals firm and undistorted. The Microtubes X pedal achieves this by splitting your signal to two variable filters before the gain stage, so you can shape your own unique drive tone with just the right combination of boom and bite. Regardless of how old your strings are, or how boomy or thin your bass may sound on its own, the Darkglass Microtube X bass preamp pedal delivers powerful, tight, defined bass tones.

Shape your tone with two variable filters

Before driving your tone, the Darkglass Microtubes X bass preamp splits your signal in two and filters each. A variable lowpass filter lets you choose how much of your signal remains clean and punchy, while a highpass filter determines how much of your tone will be sent through the drive circuit. A mix control allows you to balance each to your liking.

Active mid control for extensive sound-shaping potential

After the drive control, the final step in crafting your tone with the Microtubes X is its active mid control. Offering a ±12dB boost at 500Hz, bassists love using it to solidify their place in the mix. Alternatively, cutting the mid control helps make way for guitars in a dense mix.

Darkglass Microtubes X Bass Preamp Pedal Features:

    • Bass preamp and overdrive pedal
    • Splits your signal to two variable filters for tone shaping
    • Lowpass-filtered signal remains clean for maximum punch and fundamental impact
    • Highpass-filtered signal goes to the drive circuit for adding harmonic saturation
    • Mid control with active ±12dB boost control shapes your midrange at 500H

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STL Pro Audio is the New Zealand Distributor for Darkglass Electronics.


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    Posted by Aaron Sapsford on 7th Oct 2021

    Have been trying a few fuzz, OD's etc. for some extra grind on my bass sound. After hours of youtube "research" I stumbled upon the Darkglass X pedals. Perfect for dialling in the right amount of light grit to aggressive grind without muddying up the lows AT ALL. Great price point for what you get out of the box.