Heritage Audio 73EQ JR - 500 Series EQ Module

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Heritage Audio 73EQ JR - 500 Series EQ Module

500 Series 3-band EQ Module with Selectable Center Frequencies, Shelving Baxandall Type Low and High Bands, and Fixed-Q Dual-inductor-based Midband
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The HA73EQ JR is the real deal, authentic components not clones and has gathered the respect of the purists, Neve audiophile's and even Gear Slutz! If you're looking for a lifetime do it all EQ then here it is!
The Punchiest EQ You've Ever Heard

The Neve 1073 is the holy grail of EQ, and the Heritage Audio 73EQ JR nails its sonics and behavior (complete with its fabled harmonic distortion), in a convenient 500 Series module. A characterful 3-band EQ that imbues your tracks with clarity, sheen, warmth, punch, and air, the 73EQ JR rocks that classic, transformer-based Class A sound without relying on an external preamp. You get three bands of inimitable, vintage-Neve-flavored equalization with selectable center frequencies. Whatever you use it on, the results are stunning. The Heritage Audio 73EQ JR - your studio needs

The sound of countless hit records 

Massive, punchy, vibrant sound that seems to leap from your speakers. It's the sound that created countless hit albums, and you've got it on tap with the 73EQ JR 500 Series module.

All the EQ you should ever need

The original 1073 was designed in 1970 as purpose-built preamp/EQ module for Neve 80 Series consoles. Like the original, the Heritage Audio 73EQ's high and low bands are shelving Baxandall types; the mids are fixed-Q dual-inductor based. It's broad-strokes EQ, but it sounds incredible and it's all you may ever need. As a side note: if you have tracks that require surgical EQ precision, chances are good you're doing something wrong earlier in the signal chain.

Heritage Audio 73EQ JR 500 Series 3-band EQ Features at a Glance:

  • +6 to -20dB Class A Line preamplifier, bridging input impedance, balanced and floating
  • High Frequency: +/- 16dB shelving, selectable at 10, 12, 16 or 20Khz, Baxandall type
  • Low Frequency: +/- 16dB shelving, with selectable frequency of 35, 60, 110 or 220Hz, Baxandall type
  • Mid Frequency: +/- 18dB peaking, fixed-Q, dual-inductor-based
  • Selectable midrange center frequencies: 0.36, 0.7, 1.6, 3.2, 4.8 and 7.2kHz
  • Class A single ended, 2N3055 driven, high-headroom output stage
  • Internal slow-turn-on +24v power supply for lower inrush current, improving lunchbox performance
  • Carnhill transformers; Marconi-style knobs
  • Not standalone - requires compatible 500 Series chassis

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