Heritage Audio OST-10 10 Slot 500 Series Rack

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Heritage Audio OST-10

10-slot Powered Rack for 500 Series Modules with Per-slot Power Regulation, 1.6A Total Power Capacity, 140mA Total Phantom Power, and XLR I/O
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Reliable Power for up to 10 x 500 Series Modules

If you're planning on using multiple 500 series modules in your studio or live rig, this Heritage Audio OST-10 10-slot rack with On Slot Technology is the smart way to house them. On Slot Technology simply means power is distributed on a per-slot basis - each slot has its own power supply linear regulator stages, which isolate each slot from the others and ensure each stays within the proper operating range. 

Heritage Audio OST-10 500 Series Rack at a Glance:

  • Protects your 500 series modules against power problems
  • Linear regulators ensure stable, precise power
  • Ample power for a 10-space rack

Protects your 500 series modules against power problems

Each slot in the OST-10 rack is completely isolated from the others, to ensure that the behavior of one power-hungry module doesn't affect the operation of others. Over-current protection ensures that a sudden power draw won't fry your favorite mic preamp, while thermal protection for each slot protects modules from overheating. Unlike some 500 series racks that share electrical current across all slots, the Heritage Audio OST-10 rack ensures each module gets the exact power it needs, independent of the other modules.

Linear regulators ensure stable, precise power

The Heritage Audio OST-10 uses linear power regulators on each slot that are extremely precise, and this ensures power stability no matter what modules you're using. Voltages stay at +/-16 volts with an impressively low variance of only +/-0.1 volts. Each slot has red and green LEDs so you can easily check the power status of any module.

Ample power for a 10-space rack

With On Slot Technology, the OST-10 can provide 400mA per slot, or up to 1.6A total across all slots (whichever is reached first). A total of 140mA is available for phantom power.

Heritage Audio OST-10 500 Series Rack Features:

  • 10-slot powered rack for 500 series modules
  • On Slot Technology regulates power to each slot individually, isolating each slot
  • Power capacity of 400mA per slot or up to 1.6A across all slots, whichever is reached first
  • Phantom power available: 140mA total
  • Provides peace of mind when mixing modules with different power requirements from different manufacturers
  • Over-current and thermal protection for each slot
  • Audio inputs and outputs on gold plated XLR connectors

Power your 500 series modules with the Heritage Audio OST-10!

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