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Lauten Audio - Atlantis - FC-387 Large-diaphragm FET Condenser Microphone

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Product Description

Lauten Audio - Atlantis FC-387.  Large-diaphragm FET Condenser Microphone with 3 x Voicing's, 3 x Gain Settings, and 3 x Polar Patterns (Omni, Cardioid, and Figure-8), Shock mount, and Flight Case

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If you're looking for extreme versatility, Lauten Audio's Atlantis FC-387 is going to completely blow you away. This amazing large-diaphragm FET condenser mic takes Lauten Audio's reputation for building uniquely diverse microphones to a whole new level. Three distinct voicing switches let you use the Atlantis FC-387 to bring out the richness in your lows, the character of your mids, and the smoothness in your highs. Only problem is, you'll want more than 1!

One microphone, three distinct voices

The Lauten Audio Atlantis FC-387 FET condenser microphone gives you a degree of control over your sound beyond the reach of most typical mics. That's largely because of its 3-way voicing switch, which lets you subtly but effectively contour its basic character. Set to its Gentle postion, the Atlantis FC-387 levels out bright peaks, taking the bite out of sibilant esses. The Neutral setting maintains even transparency without noticeably altering your sound, whereas the Forward voicing lets you add life to dull sources, without reaching for your EQ.

A polar pattern to fit any environment

Just as important as its various voicings, the Atlantis FC-387 gives you three polar patterns to choose from, allowing you to record in any environment. The omnidirectional setting is open and responsive, allowing you to capture both the crispness of your source and the resonance of your recording environment. The Atlantis FC-387's cardioid mode, on the other hand, gives you excellent off-axis noise rejection and naturally tames some of the low end. Finally, Lauten Audio gave the Atlantis FC-387 a figure-8 setting, which provides you with amazing side-noise rejection.

Gain options for a wide range of sources

Once you start using the Atlantis FC-387, you're going to want to stick it on everything. Luckily, Lauten Audio gave it a 3-way gain switch, so it can accommodate any instrument. For general use, the 0dB setting gives you the purest, most transparent sound. For a bit more presence (and to hit your mic preamp a bit harder), you can kick the Atlantis FC-387's output up by +10dB. If, on the other hand, you're recording a blaring guitar cab or using a pair of Atlantis FC-387 mics as overheads, you'll probably find its -10dB setting useful.

Lauten Audio Atlantis FC-387 FET Condenser Microphone Features:
  • Extremely versatile FET condenser microphone that's great for anything from vocals to didgeridoos
  • Large-diaphragm, solid-state FET design provide a naturally smooth sound
  • Individually hand-tuned capsule and premium high-resolution electronics provide unrivaled sound quality
  • Switchable omni, figure-8, and cardioid polar patterns let you adapt to any environment
  • 3 x voicing options let you change the contour of your sound, mellowing out highs or bringing them forward
  • 3 x gain settings let you boost weaker signals and pad louder sources such as drums and guitar amplifiers

Alantis Features:

  • Cardioid, omni, and figure-8 polar pattern switch
  • -10dB attenuation switch
  • Low-noise FET
  • High-resolution capacitors
  • Heavy duty shock mount, sustainably farmed wooden mic box, and deluxe flight case
  • Circuit: Solid-state low-noise FET
  • Type: Pressure gradient condenser
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid, omnidirectional, figure-8
  • Freq. Response: 25Hz-20KHz
  • Dynamic Range: 120dB minimum
  • Impedance: < 200 ohms
  • Max. SPL: 0.5%THD@1000Hz: 130dB
  • Self-noise level: < 15dB(A)
  • Sensitivity: 16mV/Pa OR -36+/-2dB 0dB=1V/Pa 1000Hz
  • Connectors: 3-pin standard XLR
  • Power Requirement: +48v phantom power

The Lauten Audio Atlantis FC-387 FET condenser microphone is an amazing all-purpose mic!

Here is the Lauten page for Atlantis: HERE.

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Product Videos

Demontration of the Lauten Atlantis FC-387's Forward & Neutral modes on a male vocal 03:08

Watch and listen how incredibly versatile the Lauten Audio Atlantis, FC-387, microphones Multi-Voicing™ switch is, and how it changes the timbre of the microphone. Ben Lindell compares the Neutral and Forward modes with two well-known, classic, studio microphones; the Neumann U47, and ELUX 251 on a male pop vocal demonstrating just how versatile the Atlantis is. Ben also briefly discusses the similarities and the differences between each recording. The Atlantis is Lauten Audio's most versatile mic, it not only features the standard 3 polar patterns (Cardioid, Omni, and Figure-8) and a +10dB/0/-10dB gain switch, but it also has 3 unique voicing options: Neutral, Forward, and Gentle. At the flick of a switch you can change the tonal character of the mic to best compliment your source; making the Atlantis a great go-to mic for almost every application. For more information about the Atlantis, visit Lauten Audio at Listen to these clips on Soundcloud : Download WAV files here : Coming Soon! If you liked this video be sure to press the like button and subscribe to the Lauten Audio YouTube channel to see future videos like this one. Signal Chain : Mic - Neve 55 series console preamp - Lynx Aurora - ProTools Featuring: Matt Ballinger from the band Open Till Midnight ( Ben Lindell ( from ( Shot at Flux Studios NYC ( Filmed and edited by Doug Larsen.

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    Watch and listen how incredibly versatile the Lauten Audio Atl...
  • Demonstration ...
    Watch and listen how incredibly versatile the three Multi-Voic...

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