Phoenix Audio DRS-8 Mk2 8-channel Microphone Preamp

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Phoenix Audio DRS-8 Mk2 8-channel Microphone Preamp

8-channel Mic Preamp/DI with Class A Circuit Path, Transformerless Mic Input, and Transformer-balanced Output Stages

Next-gen 8-channel Class A Mic Pre

The Phoenix Audio DRS-8 Mk2 is an 8-channel mic preamp/DI that takes a decidedly modern approach to Class A circuit design to serve up a broad tonal palette while retaining its vintage vibe. Featuring an electronically balanced, transformerless input circuit and discrete, transformer-balanced output stage, the DRS-8 Mk2's superior sonics, operational ease, versatility, and tonal dexterity have made it a favorite — and it's no mystery why. From audiophile clean to classic British saturation, the Phoenix DRS-8 Mk2 does it all with poise and panache.

Hi-fidelity transformerless mic input stage

Phoenix Audio's proprietary electronically balanced, transformerless mic input circuit handles fast transients — while maintaining the smooth, warm, creamy characteristics that endear Class A mic preamps to recording engineers. Handily outperforming transformer-coupled designs in both frequency response and slew rate, the Phoenix DRS-8 Mk2 captures articulate, full-bodied, and punchy input signals, allowing you to drive the output stage for an immense range of pure Class A tone, from modern audiophile clarity to vintage-flavored warmth — and everything in-between.

Masterful transformer-balanced output stage

Phoenix Audio couples their custom-wound DB694 output transformer to a fully discrete, proprietary DSOP-2 output amplifier, itself a direct descendant of the renowned TF1 amp that Phoenix chief designer David Rees developed as an upgrade for vintage Neve 80 Series console modules. Outperforming the TF1, the DSOP-2 represents a pinnacle of Class A output circuit design, offering a seamless tonal range from ultra-clean to gorgeously saturated.

The high-impedance DI circuit

Each channel of the Phoenix DRS-8 Mk2 DRS-8 Mk2 includes a DI circuit with a very high 10 Mohm input impedance that notably features no field effect transistors. This design does not load guitar and bass pickups and allows the natural sound of both vintage and modern instruments to shine, while actually enhancing the tone with glimmer and growl as if you were plugged into your favorite amp. Synthesizers, drum machines, and even computer audio outputs can likewise be sweetened by the DRS-8 Mk2's direct inputs. 

Feature-packed to nail the sound you're after

Boasting a feature set that delivers everything you'd expect in a state-of-the-art 8-channel preamp, the Phoenix Audio DRS-8 Mk2 includes per-channel polarity reverse, 48V phantom power, 30dB input pads, LED gain metering, and plenty of gain (70dB) on tap for your lower-output mics.

Easy, intuitive operation in the studio or on the road

Because you're starting with an immaculate and robust electronically balanced input signal, the DRS-8 Mk2 makes it easy, quick, and intuitive to dial in the perfect sound for any source. The stepped input gain controls give you reliable settings recall, and with 70db of gain on tap, you can use your low-output ribbon mics on quiet sources. The variable output fader provides an additional 10dB of gain, simplifying your gain structure so you can zero in on the right sounds without getting tied up in complex gain staging. Drive the versatile DSOP-2 output stage to taste, dialing in vintage flavor as desired. Modern or vintage — with the Phoenix Audio DRS-8 Mk2 mic preamp/DI, you've got the best of both worlds.

Phoenix Audio DRS-8 Mk2 Mic Preamp/DI Features:

  • 8-channel 2RU 19" rackmount microphone preamplifier/DI
  • Class A, transformerless, electronically balanced mic input stage
  • Transformer-coupled discrete DSOP-2 Class A output stage with custom-wound DB694 output transformer
  • Wired with mil-spec, silver-plated PTFE cable
  • 70dB of mic gain; additional 10dB of output gain
  • 10 Mohm Class A DI
  • 30dB input pad
  • Polarity reverse switch
  • Highpass filter: -6dB/octave @ 120Hz
  • LED gain metering
  • Switchable 48V phantom power

STL PRO AUDIO is the Authorised NZ Distributor for Phoenix Audio.