Phoenix Audio Pivot Tone Channel/500 Series Channel Strip

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Phoenix Audio Pivot Tone Channel/500 Series Channel Strip

500 Series DI/EQ Module with Discrete Class a Circuitry, Tilt-type Equalization with 3 Center Frequencies, and Through Jack
A Unique DI with Tilt EQ

The Phoenix Audio Pivot Tone Channel/500 is a tilt EQ. Let us explain. A tilt EQ is like a seesaw pivoting on a set frequency. You choose one of three center frequencies, then swing the dark/bright control in the direction that best fits your needs. Brightening boosts everything above the selected center frequency while simultaneously attenuating everything below it; darkening, as you would expect, does the opposite: boosting the low end while cutting highs. Featuring all-discrete, Class A circuitry, the Phoenix Pivot Tone Channel/500's electronically-balanced line input stage is fitted with an ultra-high impedance DI and a through jack for routing signal, for instance, to a guitar or bass amp. The transformer-balanced DSOP-2 output stage offers a seamless tonal range from ultra-clean to gorgeously saturated.

Simple Yet Powerful

The Phoenix Pivot Tone is one of the more intuitive and innately musical EQs we've come across, with sophisticated circuit design residing under its deceptively minimalist top plate. Phoenix Audio's fully discrete Class-A circuits deliver world-class high-fidelity sonics that render any line-level input or DI signal with lushness and coherency. The EQ section alluringly brightens or darkens signals in powerful, yet understated ways that more intricate equalizers can not.

Offering three strategically chosen points for embarking on your creative adventures, the Pivot Tone's center frequencies are intelligently allocated at 160Hz, 800Hz, and 1.6kHz. Whether you're beefing up a DI bass (check out darkening at 160Hz), adding sheen to an acoustic guitar (we find brightening 1.6kHz to be quite tasty), or sweetening a complete stereo mix (a subtle tilt at 800Hz may do the trick), you'll find yourself reaching for the Pivot Tone session after session, wondering how you ever got along without your new best friend.

A tone bazaar under the hood

Equipped with Phoenix Audio's ultra-clean input stage and transformer-coupled DSOP-2 output stage, the Pivot Tone Channel/500 has a broad palette of tone on tap. Back off input levels for cleaner tones or push harder for more warmth and saturation. The addition of a separate output attenuator makes it easy to drive the output stage for even more tonal variations. However you gainstage it, the Pivot Tone's 10-segment LED meter will help you set the ideal output level.

Hi-fidelity transformerless input stage

The Phoenix Pivot Tone Channel/500 features a fully discrete Class A circuit design, handwired with mil-spec silver connections. A transformerless ultra-high impedance input stage preserves the tonal character of the source and delivers a clean, sturdy signal into the circuit without the treble loss or sluggish low-end characteristic of many inferior DI designs. With the Pivot Tone Channel/500, you'll delight to the punchy, full-bodied sounds required for the powerful, complex, and often bombastic sonic signature of modern music.

The high-impedance DI circuit

As electronic instrumentation has skyrocketed over the last decade or so, high-quality DIs have become mission-critical. Whether you rock an elaborate synth rig, laptops, loop-stations, or just want a great-sounding DI for tracking your electric bass, the Pivot Tone Channel/500 is an ideal choice. With its unique gain architecture, Phoenix Audio's Nice DI technology handily delivers a broad tonal palette, elevating direct signals to the level of artistry we have accorded working with mic signals.

The Pivot Tone's DI circuit sports a very high 10 Mohm input impedance that notably features no field effect transistors. This design does not load guitar and bass pickups and allows the natural sound of both vintage and modern instruments to shine, while actually enhancing the tone with glimmer and growl as if you were plugged into your favorite amp. Synthesizers, drum machines, and even computer audio outputs can likewise be sweetened by the Pivot Tone's direct input.

Masterful transformer-balanced output stage

Phoenix Audio couples their custom-wound DB694 output transformer to a fully discrete, proprietary DSOP-2 output amplifier, itself a direct descendant of the renowned TF1 amp that Phoenix chief designer David Rees developed as an upgrade for vintage Neve 80 Series console modules. Outperforming the TF1, the DSOP-2 represents a pinnacle of Class A output circuit design, offering a seamless tonal range from ultra-clean to gorgeously saturated. With its big iron and massive headroom, you can drive the DSOP-2 to taste. Crank the Pivot's output stage to elicit beautifully saturated tones; back off for a cleaner high-fidelity sound, or dial up any flavor in-between.

Onboard power supply for uncompromised performance

Included is the inclusion of a 24V power supply onboard the Pivot Tone Channel/500, which avoids the limitations of running at the standard 16V 500 Series voltage and guarantees optimal Class A operation. Featuring low current draw from your 500 Series chassis power rail, Phoenix Audio's 24V PSU implementation in their 500 Series modules is approved by the API VPR Alliance, giving you peace of mind — and 500 Series convenience without compromise.

Phoenix Audio Pivot Tone Channel/500 Features:

  • DI and tilt-type EQ in a 500 Series module
  • Not standalone — requires compatible 500 Series chassis
  • Seesaws on the center frequency via dark/bright tone control
  • Selectable center frequencies: 160Hz, 800Hz, and 1.6kHz
  • Discrete Class A 10 Mohm DI input with through jack
  • Discrete, electronically-balanced Class A line input stage buffer amp
  • Discrete Class A output amp with custom-wound output transformer
  • Transformer-isolated balanced XLR output on rear panel
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz–20kHz, ±0.5dB
  • Maximum Output: +26dBu @ 1Khz
  • Noise: 90dB, 22Hz–22KHz
  • API VPR Alliance-approved, with low current draw and 24V onboard PSU, guaranteeing optimal Class A operation
  • Onboard 24V PSU avoids the limitations of running at the standard 16V 500 Series voltage

STL PRO AUDIO is the Authorised NZ Distributor for Phoenix Audio.