TELEFUNKEN ELEKTROAKUSTIK M60 - Master Stereo Set. All Six Capsules.

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The M60 FET Master Stereo Set comes with two identical M60 FET amplifiers paired with matched sets of TK60 cardioid, TK61 omnidirectional and TK62 hypercardioid capsules, all which have been measured within a strict 1dB sensitivity tolerance. This is the most thorough package of the M60 FET Series, giving you the tools and options for any small diaphragm microphone application.

The M60 FET's incredibly quick transient response captures nuances and subtleties with impressive precision and clarity. This results in an extremely detailed sonic image with definition and presence, perfectly suited for the complex character of stringed instruments and percussive sources.

We've Got Your Overheads!

The Telefunken M60 FET Master Stereo Set includes the two M60 mics, two mic cables, two shockmounts, and two windscreens, plus a zipper carrying case that holds both mics. 

Telefunken microphones have long been a recording industry standard. Now they fill an even larger space in the studio world with their first non-tube small-diaphragm condenser microphones, such as the M60 FET! The cardioid pattern and a flat EQ response between 150Hz and 7kHz with an airy peak at 8kHz makes the M60 perfect for applications such as drum overheads, hi-hats, and acoustic instruments, where a true sound with a clear and glassy top end is what you're after. 

For Full details check the TELEFUNKEN ELEKTROAKUSTIK website here. 

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