Wavebone - Satel 13U Rackmount Cabinet

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The rack case designed especially for the Headquarter desk.
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Wavebone -  Satel 13U Rack Mount Case

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Up to 26U for Rack storage, use Satel™ to extend your Headquarter or Star Rover Workstation!

The Satel™ 13U Rack Mount Case is a versatile and high-quality solution for extending the workspace of the Headquarter Desk or Star Rover Workstation. Or, use it standalone to extend your existing desk surface. With its ergonomic design, durable construction, and thoughtful features, it's a great choice for musicians, artists, and producers looking to create a professional and functional studio setup.

13U or 26U! 

Flexible and powerful - the Satel can disassemble and replace the side baffles with 13 U of rack per side, according to individual needs.

Ergonomic Angled Design

The angled structure makes it easy to reach your gear knobs and controls, ensuring efficient workflow during recording and production sessions. Built with high-quality steel and featuring a wood top, the Satel is designed to meet the high standards of all Wavebone products. It's been tested and passed the STL Pro Audio 'is this junk test'.


  • Extends your work surface
  • Ergonomic angled design, giving you easy access to gear knobs and controls
  • Removable side plates for heat dissipation
  • Classic wood top
  • High quality metal
  • Adjustable Anti-ski Foot Pads


  • Width: 113.5cm
  • Height: 76cm
  • Depth 50cm
  • Rack Width: 49cm
  • Desktop Thickness: 1.8cm

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