Heritage Audio Grandchild 670 Vari-MU Stereo Tube Limiter/Compressor

Heritage Audio
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Heritage Audio Grandchild 670 Vari-MU Stereo Tube Limiter/Compressor

2-channel 500 Series Tube Limiter/Compressor with Custom-wound Transformers, 5 Selectable Attack/Release Time Constants, and Continuously Variable Slope 

Stock Arriving Early December

The Heritage Audio Grandchild 670 Vari-MU 500 Series stereo tube limiter/compressor distills the sonics and performance of an iconic American dynamics processor into an affordable and convenient 500 Series module. The Grandchild 670 benefits from Heritage Audio’s extensive experience in building sophisticated 500 Series modules and the years of R&D that went into its rackmount stablemates, the Herchild 670 and 660. Like the Herchild models, the Grandchild 670 delivers smooth, creamy, and natural-sounding dynamics control while adding warmth, depth, weight, and character to any program material. Driven by two new-old-stock mil-spec 6BA6 tubes per channel and fortified by three custom-wound big-iron transformers, the Grandchild 670 gives you the sought-after sonics and program-dependent behavioral characteristics of a coveted classic, along with modern precision, premium components, and robust build quality that will serve you reliably for many years to come.

Versatile, great-sounding Vari-MU dynamics control

Ideal for tracking, mixing, and mastering, the Heritage Audio Grandchild 670 delivers outstanding sonics, performance, and versatility. The buttery-smooth sound of the vocals and instruments through the Grandchild 670 is an inherent sonic attribute of “Vari-MU” dynamics control, which exhibits a gentle, soft-knee compression curve with fast attack and fairly long release times, selectable as time constants via a 5-position lever switch. It’s also program dependent, so gain reduction starts at a very low ratio on small peaks and gradually increases to brickwall limiting on very loud input signals. On the original, the DC Threshold is adjusted via an internal trimpot; the Heritage Grandchild and Herchild units bring the powerful DC Threshold control out to the front panel for immediate access. This allows for continuously variable slope adjustment over a wide range, from a seamless transition between compression and limiting to a harder, more pronounced knee. The compression ratio is dependent on the amount of limiting as well as the settings of the continuously variable AC threshold control.

Heritage Audio: legendary performance and epic value

Founded in 2011 by engineer/producer Peter Rodriguez, Heritage Audio immediately set about designing and manufacturing equipment inspired by legendary vintage British console modules. The company leverages the same handwired, transformer-coupled Class A circuitry with functionality aimed at today’s studio workflows. In 2021, the company turned its attention across the Atlantic with the acclaimed MotorCity EQ, followed by the Herchild 670 and 660, and now the Grandchild 670. Designed to stringent tolerances and meticulously crafted in the company’s factory in Spain, Heritage Audio gear delivers clean, problem-free audio with generous headroom and the vintage-flavored sonics we all crave. 

Heritage Audio Grandchild 670 Vari-MU 500 Series Stereo Tube Limiter/Compressor Features:

  • A reimagining of an iconic dynamics processor
  • Convenient and affordable 2-slot 500 Series module
  • Highly musical Vari-MU dynamics control
  • Powered by 2 NOS mil-spec 6BA6 tubes per channel
  • Fortified by 3 custom-wound transformers
  • 5 selectable attack/release time constants
  • Immediate access to the continuously variable slope
  • Clean, intelligent design and robust build quality

STL Pro Audio is the exclusive distributor for Heritage Audio in NZ. All products in full 12 months manufacture warranty.