Heritage Audio Tubesessor Optical Tube Compressor

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Heritage Audio Tubesessor Optical Tube Compressor

1-channel Optical Tube Compressor with transformer-balanced I/O, Tube Saturation Section, and Multiple Sidechain Filter Settings

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Creative Tube Optical Compression

What do you want from a compressor? There are a plethora of comps in both the hardware and software realms, all of which control dynamics effectively. But many astute, golden-eared engineers want something more — that elusive euphonic warmth and musicality imparted by certain vintage tube units. Specifically, we’re talking about those coveted opto-compressors of yesteryear that have played a huge part in shaping the sound of modern music. The Heritage Audio Tubesessor optical tube compressor brings those desirable sonic qualities to the table, efficiently and transparently controlling your levels and adding a hint of enhancement while maintaining the original sonic character of any signal you send through it. But with its amazing Tube Saturation section, the Heritage Audio Tubesessor goes way beyond the capabilities of even the most revered tube opto units.

Works wonders on mission-critical tracks

Sure, you can expect any high-quality FET or VCA compressor to deliver competent level control. But to achieve effective dynamics control and a warm, natural, and highly musical sound, we tend to favor classic tube levelers, especially those based on optical designs. The Heritage Audio Tubesessor employs a specially designed opto cell that, in addition to keeping your levels in check, offers the smooth, sweetly musical feel and “sag” that works wonders on vocals, bass, and other mission-critical tracks that can make or break your mix.

Tube Saturation: compressor as musical instrument

Need more texture and bite? No problem! The Tubesessor incorporates Heritage Audio’s Tube Saturation circuitry, which leverages a creamy-sounding new-old-stock Raytheon double triode tube to punch up signals with everything from a subtle edge to a full-on fusillade of take-no-prisoners tubular aggression. Critically, the Tube Saturation section works in concert with the custom output transformer to produce the optimal harmonic content for each of the circuit’s four modes, which range from Classic (no saturation) to Hot (extreme). It’s a blast being able to instantly switch and A/B between these settings. This innovative feature transforms the Tubesessor into much more than a compressor. Let’s just say that you haven’t lived until you hear what the Tubesessor can do with drums, guitars, and other instruments!

Multiple sidechain filter settings for enhanced processing

The Tubesessor provides a selection of five internal sidechain filter settings. Two of them ensure that compression action is not being unduly influenced by low-frequency content in the source material, while the other three are frequency-specific options for enhanced creative signal processing. Spec’d with continuously adjustable Attack and Release controls in addition to a Fixed mode, the Tubesessor provides all possible settings for shaping your signals precisely how you want them. Its large custom VU meter — selectable for Input, Output, or Gain Reduction — guarantees you’ll always be operationally status-savvy. In short: the Tubesessor gives you everything you need to achieve world-class professional recordings.

A masterful design delivers outstanding results

The Tubesessor features an all-tube amplification stage, with a vintage-spec replica input transformer by AMI and a custom all-silicon steel output transformer. The use of an audiophile-grade dual-output triode in a totem pole arrangement provides a solid output stage, while allowing much higher headroom than typical vintage or modern tube compressors. Heritage Audio also designed the Tubesessor with a higher internal operating voltage to heat up your signals, while retaining their natural character and vibe. Even with heavy amounts of gain reduction, tracks processed through the Tubesessor maintain their clarity and depth. As with Heritage Audio’s other tube offerings, the company has sourced a plentiful supply of top-drawer NOS tubes to protect your investment, ensuring many years of reliable service. The Tubesessor’s 3U front panel accommodates large knobs for easy, precise tweaking and settings recall. From the technicalities to the ergonomics, the Tubesessor is a masterful design. But then, that’s exactly what we expect from Heritage Audio.

Heritage Audio: legendary performance and epic value

Founded in 2011 by engineer/producer Peter Rodriguez, Heritage Audio immediately set about designing and manufacturing equipment inspired by legendary vintage British console modules, leveraging the same handwired, transformer-coupled Class A circuitry, with functionality aimed at today’s studio workflows. The company then turned its attention across the Atlantic with the acclaimed MotorCity EQ and the Herchild 670 and 660. Now, Heritage presents its take on another American classic with the with the Tubesessor. Designed to stringent tolerances and meticulously crafted in the company’s factory in Spain, Heritage Audio gear delivers clean, problem-free audio with generous headroom and the vintage-flavored sonics we all crave. 

Heritage Audio Tubesessor Optical Tube Compressor Features:

  • Optical compression detection
  • All tube-based amplification stage
  • Fully transformer-balanced input and output
  • Tube Saturation section
  • Large, user-friendly control set
  • Extensive Attack and Release control
  • 5 Sidechain Filter settings
  • Big, informative VU meter
  • Premium NOS tubes
  • Mil-spec build quality

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12 months manufacture warranty.