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WesAudio DIONE NG500 Analog Bus Compressor with Digital Recall

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Product Description

WesAudio DIONE - Analog Bus Compressor with Digital Recall

500 Series Stereo VCA Compressor, with Mix Control, Side Chain Filters, Digital recall and  Support for the Wes Audio NG500-compatible Chassis
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A Classic Analog Bus Compressor with Advanced Digital Control

Packing the iconic sound of a classic VCA bus compressor, the WesAudio _DIONE module puts an analog compressor with digital recall in your 500 series rack. And while the signal path is 100% analog, _DIONE offers full control and automation from your DAW — the perfect combination of analog and digital technologies. With compression ratios ranging from 1.5:1 to 10:1, this module is perfect for gluing stereo mixes, smashing drum overheads, creating a rock-solid wall of bass, and much more. Complete with a Mix knob for parallel compression techniques, plus selectable side chain filters for fine-tuning the compressor's responsiveness, the WesAudio _DIONE module is a flexible mix-bus tool for any music studio.

Full recall and automation when used with NG500-compatible racks

While the WesAudio _DIONE compressor module will work with many standard 500 series racks, you'll be able to tap into advanced digital control when you load it into one of WesAudio's NG500-compatible racks, like their _TITAN series. NG500-compatible racks like the _TITAN allow for digital control over your modules, offering full session recall and supporting automation from your DAW. In a typical 500 series rack, just connect a USB cable directly to _DIONE for full recall capabilities.

Stellar sound quality with selectable harmonic distortion

The all-analog _DIONE compressor module boasts a generous +24dBu of headroom — no sonic compromises here. And if you want to add a little something special to your audio on the way through, switch on _DIONE's THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) mode. With selectable Med and High modes, THD saturates your signal for added harmonic complexity.

Side-chain filters help prevent excessive compression

The _DIONE compressor offers three switchable high pass filters, extremely useful for preventing bass frequencies from triggering too much compression. Useful for stereo applications like drum overheads — the side-chain filter allows the sharp snare and cymbal sounds to trigger compression, while preventing the kick drum from overly-triggering the compressor and crushing everything. There are also two special "tilt" filters with unique curves — with all these filter options, you'll be able to ensure loud bass hits don't cause your mix to implode.

WesAudio _DIONE 500 Series VCA Bus Compressor 500 Series Module Features:

    • All-analog signal path with +24dBu of headroom for stellar sound quality
    • Mix knob makes parallel compression techniques simple
    • Switchable THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) adds analog saturation to your signal
    • Switchable side chain filters for fine-tuning how the compressor reacts to bass frequencies
    • Four switchable ratio settings range from gentle to heavy compression
    • Compatible with any WesAudio NG500 chassis and many standard 500 series racks
    • Full session recall and support for DAW automation when loaded in an NG500-compatible chassis like _TITAN, or via USB connection
    • 3 touch-sensitive encoders (Threshold, Mix, Make Up) allow you to draw automation into your DAW
    • True bypass completely removes the circuit from your signal path

For full details please see the WES Audio website here:

STL Pro Audio is the exclusive distributor Wes Audio in NZ 

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