WesAudio TITAN NG500 Recall Chassis

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WesAudio TITAN NG500 Recall Chassis

10-slot 500 Series Chassis, with Complete Recall for NG500-compatible Modules, USB/Ethernet Connectivity, and 5A Total Power Capacity
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Next-gen 500 Series Chassis with Complete Recall Capability

The WesAudio _TITAN NG500 Recall Chassis is much more than a 10-slot chassis for your 500 series modules. Using their NG500 technology (Next Generation 500 Series), the _TITAN chassis allows full recall of all parameters on compatible modules from WesAudio and other manufacturers. You'll be able to use premium analog processors on your tracks without having to spend time manually recalling settings for each mix session. Beyond modules designed to take advantage of NG500 recall technology, the _TITAN chassis is compatible with many standardized 500 series modules from other manufacturers. Complete with a robust power supply with up to 5A power capacity, the WesAudio _TITAN NG500 Recall Chassis integrates easily into modern studio workflows.

Full recall with compatible modules

While the WesAudio _TITAN is an exceptional solution for a wide range of 500 series modules, you'll be able to take full advantage of its complete recall capabilities when you use NG500-compatible modules from WesAudio and other manufacturers. NG500-compatible modules allow you to store their parameters and recall them like you would with a plug-in in your DAW — all 10 modules can be controlled via a single Ethernet or USB connection. You can even write automation in your DAW to control NG500-compatible modules — try doing that with your other analog processors!

WesAudio _TITAN NG500 Recall Chassis Features:

  • 10-slot chassis for 500 series modules
  • Compatible with many standard 500 series modules as well as NG500-compatible modules
  • Complete recall of all settings on NG500-compatible modules for fast session recall
  • All 10 slots can be controlled/recalled from a single USB or Ethernet connection to your DAW
  • Linear power supply with up to 5A capacity
  • Internal remote-controllable stereo link switches allow you to freely re-configure your workflow
  • XLR I/O for each slot
  • Power mode switch for 115V/230V operation
For full details please see the WES Audio Website:
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